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Acoustic Guitar Kit Build- Done Easy

Acoustic Guitar Kit – pretty much as is.

Here’s the thing about acoustic guitars.  To actually build a professional instrument requires know how and equipment that simply isn’t available to the average person.  Acoustic Guitar Kits can be a great way to put something together, and  you can absolutely build a playable instrument.  But that said, unlike electrics and solidbody guitars, there’s simply some realities.  That is to say- the odds of you building something on par with say, a Martin D-35 with all the painstaking bracing and wood bending it takes to create those guitars are extremely remote, even if you’re working with the same materials.  I don’t mean to derail anybody but I’ve been asked whether or not kits are a way to build something like what you’d get from a professional luthier (or even a kit from them).   Basically if you want to compare what kind of guitar you’ll end up with, basically what you spend on the kit is about what you’ll get from a build quality.

Now having said that, they can be incredibly fun and easy instruments to make!  I did this one in the span of about a month.  The pieces went together well, setting the bridge was fairly easy.  This is a good resource for how to do that:

Honestly, that’s probably the toughest part when you’re working with a kit like this.  Everything else is basically the finish.  I didn’t really do anything to mine- gave it an oil rub finish using gun stock oil.  And then it ended up being sort of a beater guitar which is why it now has a bunch of stickers on it.   In all honesty, it’s kind of a fun guitar to have around.  I have a Martin D-35 and a pretty nice Alvarez 12 string and those are what I go gig with.  But this guy- I’ll still jam on it, I’d definitely let my kids play with it- it’s not fragile by any means.   If i were to do anything different I’d probably get a little more creative with the finish- if I’m ever inspired to do something with an acoustic kit again- it’ll definitely be about something creative.

Want to build an acoustic guitar kit?  Here’s all you’ll need!

Acoustic guitar kit- This is pretty much as is.  Mine wasn’t a cut-away but this is what’s available now.

Wood Glue– You’ll need this for the neck and setting the bridge

Gun Stock Oil – Rub it down and off you go!


That’s about it!  All in all it’s entirely possible to build a playable and enjoyable acoustic guitar (see caveat above of course) for under $200.